HM Fire Service Inspectorate Annual Report 2019/20

HM Chief Inspector of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 2019-20 Annual Report

Programme of 2018-19 Thematic Inspections

During 2018-2019 HMFSI undertook and completed the following Thematic Inspections.

  • Operational Risk Information - published February 2019
  • The Management of Fleet Arrangements - published May 2019

The Operational Risk Information Review focused on aspects of how the SFRS fulfils its duty  to make arrangements for obtaining operational risk information related to its functions, and making this information available to its operational staff. This is important to assist with incident command and the operation of a safe systems of work.

In the Report, HMFSI made 3 recommendations and a follow up review with SFRS to discuss progress on these recommendations will take place in March 2020.

The Review on the Service’s management of their fleet was to assess ‘the effectiveness and efficiency of the Governance, Procurement, Management, Delivery, Maintenance and Disposal of the SFRS’s vehicle fleet’.

In the 4 main areas below we made a number of recommendations within the Report.

  • Vehicle management strategy
  • Procurement of vehicles and equipment
  • The role and operation of the workshop function
  • End Users – fire station and specialist staff

All our reports can be accessed via our website

The inspection of ‘The Training of Retained Duty System Personnel’ which was initially programmed within the Business Plan 2017-18, was suspended, as the SFRS undertook a review of Operational Training throughout the whole Service. Following the completion of that review, it was agreed that HMFSI would recommence our Inspection which resumed in 2019. It is anticipated that this report will be laid in Parliament in March 2020.

The Outline for this Inspection was to review the efficiency and effectiveness of RDS training systems and consider any potential risk to the Service.



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