Health and work support pilot: final evaluation

Findings from the final phase of the Health and Work Support Pilot evaluation. The evidence suggests the pilot had a positive impact on health and employment outcomes for those people who completed the service. However, not everyone reported the same level of benefits.


1. Health and work support pilot: Interim Evaluation Report

2. Further and more detailed information on the background, context to and service design of the pilot can be found in the aforementioned Interim Evaluation Report: (Health and work support pilot: Interim Evaluation Report).

3. These two areas are different in terms of population, geography (including rural and urban differences), wider service provision, and access to services. This provides an opportunity to explore what does and does not work in the two areas and how this relates to their different characters and client groups. In this report we have not presented findings by area to avoid comparisons being made that would hinder the shared learning of the pilot.

4. Scottish Government (2018), No One Left Behind: Next Steps for the Integration and Alignment of Employability Support in Scotland, p.17-18

5. See here for more details on No One Left Behind: No One Left Behind: delivery plan - (

6. The outcomes survey was conducted as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak which meant the number of clients in the Wave 2 sample who had finished using the service was much smaller than anticipated. This survey asked the outcomes questions from the Wave 1 survey - Q34 to Q46 – to collect data on these participants' health and work status since using the service.

7. Biopsychosocial refers to a holistic approach to service delivery which incorporates consideration of an individual's wider socio-environmental situation in addition to their biological and psychological health. (See Engel, G. L. (1977) "The Need for a New Medical Model: a Challenge for Biomedicine" Science Vol. 196 (4286): 129 - 36).



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