Headteacher Recruitment Working Group: report and next steps

Considerations of issues relating to the recruitment and retention of headteachers in Scottish schools and recommendations to address the issues.

Annex A - Remit and Membership of the Working Group


The role of this working group is to jointly develop, agree and take forward actions to help improve the recruitment and retention of headteachers in Scotland. The group retains a keen interest in a number of areas of now ongoing work related to its 2017 draft action plan, including:

  • work by the GTCS and universities to include leadership awareness in ITE
  • the GTCS's Review of Standards (both in relation to the inclusion of leadership awareness in the Standard for Full Registration and the important role of the Standard for Headship)
  • SCEL's Framework of professional learning for the teaching workforce
  • work being taken forward by SCES to review and raise the profile of Catholic school leadership
  • the SNCT's review of pay and reward for teachers

The next phase of the group's work in 2018 will focus particularly on taking forward the following commitments from the June 2017 Next Steps document:

  • to put in place an enhanced leadership support package to develop aspiring leaders, new headteachers and experienced leaders
  • to develop a mechanism to identify aspiring headteachers early in their career and develop a programme of professional learning and work experiences to lead them to the Into Headship course
  • to develop new executive/consultant head and system leadership roles to strengthen school leadership, provide clear progression opportunities and strengthen educational leadership at all levels in the system
  • to develop a recruitment campaign for headteachers building on our Teaching Makes People campaign

The group also intends to consider the health and wellbeing of headteachers as a priority area.


The working group reports to the Strategic Board for Teacher Education, and is jointly chaired by Scottish Government and COSLA. The re-formed group will meet on a bi-monthly basis from February 2018. The Scottish Government will provide secretariat for the group.




Association of Directors of Education

Terry Lanagan, Sheena Devlin and Michael Wood

Association of Heads and Deputes

Robert Hair


Kathy Cameron / Tom Young (Joint Chair)

Education Scotland

Gillian Hamilton

Educational Institute of Scotland

Louise Wilson

General Teaching Council for Scotland

Ken Muir


Richard Bell

School Leaders Scotland

Jim Thewliss / David Barnett

Scottish Catholic Education Service

Jack Nellaney

Scottish Government

David Roy (Joint Chair), Stephanie Walsh, Clare Furze and Kelly Ireland (Secretariat)

Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association

Seamus Searson / Fiona Dalziel


Dougie Atkinson

Society of Personnel and Development Scotland

Sharon Faulkner


Email: Shirley Anderson

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