Guiding principles on the environment: draft statutory guidance

Draft statutory guidance on the guiding principles on the environment and the duties set out in Part 2 of the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act 2021.

7. Consultation questions

Question 1
Do you think that the draft guidance is clear and has the right content to support the implementation of the duties in the Continuity Act? How could it be improved?

Question 2
Do you think that the draft guidance provides useful explanation of the meaning of the guiding principles? How could this be improved?

Question 3
Do you think the draft guidance provides a good explanation of how the guiding principles will be used during the development of policies and other significant decisions? How can this be improved?

Question 4
Do you think the draft guidance adequately supports recording and documenting compliance with the duties?

Question 5
Do you think that there is appropriate use of examples and case studies in the draft guidance? Can you suggest any additional examples or case studies to illustrate the guiding principles?

Question 6
Do you have any further comments or views on the draft guidance that you would like to share?



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