Welfare of meat chickens and meat breeding chickens: guidance

Detailed information about the needs of meat chickens and meat breeding chickens and how to meet these needs in accordance with good practice.

Sources of further information

Codes of recommendations of the Council of Europe

This guidance takes account of the Council of Europe recommendations concerning domestic fowl (Gallus gallus).  These set out general principles of husbandry and care and include a section on meat chickens.  See https://rm.coe.int/16805165ec


The Humane Slaughter Association has a Code of Practice for the Disposal of Chicks in Hatcheries.

Animal by-products

For further information on animal by-products, see: 

Welfare outcome assessments

Advice on measuring welfare outcomes can be found at:

Catching and Handling

Advice on catching and handling can be found in the Humane Slaughter Association’s Poultry Catching and Handling Technical Note 15:

Antimicrobials and vaccines

Guidance on the responsible use of antimicrobials and vaccines can be found at:

Registering poultry

Guidance on registering poultry can be found at:

These sources of information are current on the date that this guidance is published.  You should be aware that any of the sources of information listed here could change.

Date of publication: 18th March 2019


Email: Kirsten.Foubister@gov.scot

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