Guidance on Joint Investigative Interviewing of Child Witnesses in Scotland

Good practice guidance for police officers and social workers who are carrying out joint investigative interviews with child witnesses

APPENDIX G: Restricted Media handling and storage

Discs containing interview material will be given the security classification of RESTRICTED in line with the Government Protective Marking Scheme ( GPMS).

Restricted classification

The test for classification of RESTRICTED is as follows: Would accidental or deliberate compromise of information assets marked RESTRICTED be likely to:

  • Cause substantial distress to an individual;
  • Prejudice the investigation of / or facilitate the commission of serious crime;
  • Breach proper undertakings to maintain the confidence of material provided by third parties;
  • Disadvantage government or the police service in commercial or police negotiations with others
  • Undermine the proper management of the public sector and its operations?

If some or all of the above are likely the material will be classified as RESTRICTED.

Data Handling Standards

The following table contains a summary of GPMS requirements relevant to the handling of DVD disks.


Restricted rules


Protected by one barrier, e.g. a locked container within a secure building.


DVD disks - destroy completely - disintegrate, pulverise, melt or shred.

Movement within Police force

In a sealed envelope with protective marking shown. A transit envelope may by used if sealed with a security label.

Movement between forces / partner agencies.

By post or courier, in a sealed envelope. Do not show protective marking on the envelope.

Force Data Network/ Criminal Justice Extranet

May be used.


Not to be used without Government approved encryption.

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