Guidance on Joint Investigative Interviewing of Child Witnesses in Scotland

Good practice guidance for police officers and social workers who are carrying out joint investigative interviews with child witnesses


Appendix A - provides an overview of conducting the investigative interview. Current research indicates that interviewers find a highly structured interview protocol easiest to use and most effective.

Appendix B - provides an overview on the role of supervisors and managers in briefing and debriefing practitioners.

Appendix C - outlines the benefits of visually recording joint investigative interviews.

Appendix D - provides an information leaflet on consent for children, their parents or carers.

Appendix E - provides a sample of a 'child friendly' consent form.

Appendix F - outlines the categories of interview suites, the accommodation standards expected and the level of equipment to be installed in each category.

Appendix G - provides guidance on the restricted classification of visual recordings along with data handling standards.

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