Electricity Act 1989 - section 36 applications: guidance for applicants on using the design envelope

Guidance from Marine Scotland and the Energy Consents Unit on using the design envelope approach for applications under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 where flexibility is required in applications.

7. Conclusions

7.1. The design envelope approach is a way of assessing a proposed development that requires an EIA, where flexibility is sought by the applicant due to reasonable uncertainty associated with certain details of the proposed development. Where relevant, applicants can consider whether there is a need to use the design envelope approach to incorporate flexibility into their application for consent.

7.2. In doing this, it is expected that applicants ensure that:

  • their approach is explained clearly for the purpose of consultation and publicity, including pre-application consultation;
  • the application documentation clearly defines the proposal and is sufficiently detailed to enable proper consideration and comment by stakeholders, and determination of the application;
  • the EIA report explains fully how the flexibility sought has been taken into account in the assessments and why it is required; and
  • there is consistency across all the application documents including any other relevant environmental assessments.


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