Graduate Development Programme: candidate guide 2023

Guidance for candidates applying to the 2023 Scottish Government Graduate Development Programme.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for up to 20 graduates to join the Graduate Development Programme in 2023.

We are searching for candidates with leadership potential. If you are ambitious, motivated to learn, enjoy taking on new challenges and working as part of a team - this could be the graduate programme for you.

Whatever your background, age or degree subject, we value who you are and what you can bring to the programme. There is no time limit on applications after graduation, you can be a recent graduate or have achieved your qualification anytime in the past.

We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion, and we aim to recruit a workforce that is reflective of our diverse population. We want people who can bring fresh ideas and approaches to government and we fully support recruitment and workplace adjustments for anyone who needs them.

Key competencies for the role:

We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate the five key competencies which will contribute to success on the programme.

These are:

  • understanding and developing self - motivation to learn, develop and reflect on feedback and performance
  • early leadership – setting goals and collaborating with others to achieve results
  • communicating and engaging – understanding different audiences and how to communicate clearly and effectively
  • analysis and use of evidence – drawing on different data sources to analyse results and assess performance
  • changing and improving – embracing change as an opportunity for improvement

These key competencies will be assessed throughout the recruitment process.


Sarah Wright:

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