GMS contract: 2018

This document is intended primarily to provide an accessible explanation to Scotland’s GPs of the changes we propose to effect in regulations.


BMA – the British Medical Association, the registered trade union for doctors in the United Kingdom.

CQL – Cluster Quality Lead, a General Practitioner appointed by a National Health Service Board to coordinate a cluster.

EMG – Expert Medical Generalist, a General Practitioner when they are performing those General Practitioner roles and duties only a General Practitioner can do.

GMC – General Medical Council.

GMS – General Medical Services, the range of healthcare services that is provided by general practitioners under a General Medical Services contract with an National Health Service Board.

GMS contract – the national Scottish General Medical Services contract entered into under section 17J of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978.

GP – General Practitioner, a doctor specialising in primary care and registered in the General Practitioner Register of the General Medical Council.

GP partner (as opposed to a General Practitioner) – a Partner in a General Medical Services or 17C medical services practice.

GPN – General Practice Nursing.

HIS – Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

HSCP – Health and Social Care Partnership, the organisations formed as part of the integration of services provided by National Health Service Boards and Councils in Scotland.

IA – Integration Authority. Statutory body resposible for the planning design and commissioning of primary care services in Scotland.

LMC – Local Medical Committee, the local committees of the British Medical Association representing general practitioners.

MDT – multi-disciplinary team, where primary care professionals work as an integrated team.

NHS – National Health Service.

PMS – Primary Medical Services.

PQL - Practice Quality Lead, the General Practitioner quality leadership role in practice.

PSD – Practitioner Services, the division of National Health Service National Services Scotland which, among other roles, processes payments for practices.

QOF – Quality and Outcomes Framework.

RCGP – Royal College of General Practitioners, the professional body for General Practitioners.

2004 Contract – the national General Medical Services contract prepared in accordance with the rules set out in The National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

SAF – the Scottish Allocation Formula.

SGPC – the Scottish General Practitioners’ Committee of the British Medical Association.

TQA – Transitional Quality Arrangements.


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