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Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy

Published: 21 Dec 2016
Economic Development Directorate
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This strategy sets out our intentions in respect of our international development.

Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy
Our Partner Countries

Our Partner Countries

David LivingstoneCredit: © National Museums of Scotland

David Livingstone
Credit: © National Museums of Scotland

Our international development work will be focused on where we can make a real difference and most impact in relation to our budget.

We recognise that development need, and the ability to meet that need, must be the key starting point for any international development cooperation. For our partnership approach to development, connections with our partner countries are also important, from relationships going back over 150 years to those established in the 21st century.

To this end, we will build upon our existing bilateral partnerships with four countries to deliver our international development programme:

  • Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda will form the Scottish Government's sub-Saharan African project base which will enable us to foster learning across borders by all involved; and
  • Pakistan, where there will be a strong ongoing emphasis on education, through scholarships and collaboration with key Scottish educational agencies.

Malawi flag


Scotland has special and historical links with Malawi, stretching back over 150 years to Dr David Livingstone and the Scottish missionaries. The vision of partnership, and the network of people-to-people links, remain firmly embedded in Scotland's relationship with Malawi today. It formed the basis for the Scottish Government's formal 2005 Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Malawi, signed by Scotland's First Minister and the President of Malawi.

Zambia flag


Scotland also has a long and historical connection to Zambia, again through Dr Livingstone and Scottish missionaries - Dr Livingstone's heart is buried there. We will seek to build upon Scotland's historical relationship with Zambia and its people, and further support Zambia to achieve the Global Goals. In order to maximise our impact in a large country, we will focus on specific regions in Zambia.

Rwanda flag


Scotland has a contemporary relationship with Rwanda, with alliances having been built and cemented over the last 20 years to support and promote activities between the two countries, particularly in education and economic development. We will commit to contribute to Rwanda's ongoing social and economic development towards its achievement of the Global Goals.

Pakistan flag


Scotland today is home to a large and vibrant Pakistani diaspora, many of whom maintain close links with communities there. The community's contribution to Scotland - culturally, economically and socially - is significant. We will continue to contribute to Scotland's existing bilateral relationship with Pakistan, with a strong, ongoing emphasis on education through scholarships, and collaboration with key Scottish educational agencies focused on education system improvement.

Scottish Government & British Council Scholarship recipient in Pakistan Credit: British Council Pakistan

Scottish Government & British Council Scholarship recipient in Pakistan
Credit: British Council Pakistan