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Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy

Published: 21 Dec 2016
Economic Development Directorate
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This strategy sets out our intentions in respect of our international development.

Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy


Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy stems from the public consultation on the future shape of the Scottish Government's international development work which took place from 24 February until 20 May 2016. This International Development Strategy ( IDS) sits within, and is aligned with, wider well-developed Scottish Government policy frameworks (see Annex).

Scotland's International Framework sets the direction for Scotland's international activity. In our increasingly interconnected world, Scotland has an important place. It is our ambition to cooperate globally through relationships and partnerships, supporting our international partners towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (hereafter referred to as the Global Goals). This IDS responds to the Global Goals, fits within our International Framework, and outlines the approach we will take between now and 2030 to help reduce global poverty and promote sustainable development and human rights. It sets out the priorities which will contribute to Scotland's ongoing ambition to be a good global citizen, continuing to make distinctive contributions in addressing global challenges.

In 2005, the Governments of Scotland and Malawi signed the Cooperation Agreement, a framework to enable both countries to work together to deliver a number of international development projects in Malawi. Since the expansion of the programme to include other countries in 2008, the Scottish Government's international development policy has become an internationally praised model of delivering development work, based on partnership and collaboration.

This IDS builds upon our successes since 2005, preserving the best aspects of our work to date with a commitment to fundamentally embed the Global Goals. It explains what we wish to achieve, the spirit inherent in Scotland's approach to tackling poverty and inequality, and how the national and international dimensions are inextricably interlinked:

  • Our Vision is that Scotland's IDS contributes to the fight against global poverty, inequality, injustice and promotes sustainable development by embedding the Global Goals in all that we do.
  • Our Priorities in pursuit of Our Vision are to encourage new and historic relationships; empower our partner countries; engage the people of Scotland; and enhance our global citizenship.
  • Our Partner Countries are Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda and Pakistan. The first 3 countries will form our sub-Saharan African project base and there will be a strong emphasis on education in Pakistan.
  • Our Ways of Working involves investing our International Development Fund ( IDF); utilising Scottish expertise; collaborating with others; and promoting the Beyond Aid agenda.

This IDS replaces our 2008 International Development Policy document.