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Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy

Published: 21 Dec 2016
Economic Development Directorate
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This strategy sets out our intentions in respect of our international development.

Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy
Our Vision

Our Vision

Embedding the Global Goals, Scotland will contribute to sustainable development and the fight against poverty, injustice and inequality internationally .

Scotland's First Minister pledged to implement the Global Goals and made a dual commitment to tackle poverty and inequality at home in Scotland and to help developing countries to grow in a fair and sustainable manner:

"The national and international dimensions to poverty and inequality…are interlinked…"

"Scotland cannot act with credibility overseas, if we are blind to inequality here at home. And our ambitions for a fairer Scotland are undermined without global action to tackle poverty."

Our commitment to contribute internationally to the Global Goals must reflect and mirror our domestic aims and ambitions for Scotland.

This includes building our economy; tackling poverty and inequality; providing quality healthcare and education; promoting affordable and clean energy; and ensuring a sustainable environment. We want to play our part in contributing to the development of our partner countries and their achievement of the Global Goals.

Our development work will have at its core, and as a primary focus, the interests of our partner countries and their people. We will also embed human rights in all our development work. We believe that this dual approach is vital in achieving the spirit of global citizenship and solidarity with developing countries.

Sustainable Development Goals