Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) Policy Statement - Easy Read

This policy statement provides an overview of the policy and legislative context for GIRFEC. The document gives an outline of the core components of the policy, including refreshed values and principles, and ambitions for how we can do more in practice.

Range of support

GIRFEC is for all children and young people. With the right support, at the right time every child or young person can reach their full potential.

The wellbeing and needs of children and young people can also be affected by social issues. These include poverty, housing and local services. We need to look at all these issues when supporting children.

If a child has problems, it can affect them as an adult.

Children's wellbeing can also be affected by additional support needs. It can be harder for them to learn. All children and young people have the right to education. It is important that additional support needs are supported.

Everyone working with children and young people needs to protect them from violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment. This is while in the care of their parents or anyone else who looks after them. The GIRFEC principles link to child protection issues and rules.



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