Genomics in Scotland: Building our Future

This publication sets out our intention for genomic medicine in Scotland.

Chief Scientist for Health Foreword

I am pleased to welcome this strategic intent document that sets out the Scottish Government’s path to support the development and adoption of genomic medicine in NHS Scotland.

Greater knowledge of the genome is providing opportunities for the design of new diagnostic approaches and the development and targeting of medicines to improve their effectiveness and/or reduce the potential for side effects. Genomic medicine is an integral part of precision medicine and precision health, where genomics and other health technologies have a potential to transform and improve healthcare. This can enable earlier and more precise diagnoses as well as more targeted prevention and management of diseases.

Research, innovation and collaboration between Scottish Universities and NHS Scotland together with life sciences industry partners will be vital to realising the benefits that medical genomics can offer to patients. We have particular strengths and a skilled and vibrant genomic and precision medicine research community in Scotland. It is crucial that we sustain and build upon our strengths, create and maintain supportive structures for research and innovation as well as strong and effective collaborations both within Scotland and beyond. A clear strategy for Scotland is an important first step.

Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak, Chief Scientist (Health) for the Scottish Government.



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