Gathering views on probationer teachers' readiness to teach

The broad aim of the project is to explore the views and perceptions of whether probationer teachers are ready to teach.

Appendix 4 - Timeline for engagement with probationer teachers, probationer supporters and probation managers


Success criteria


Audit Evaluation of TSF to ascertain what data is already available from this survey

Relevant data identified from Evaluation of TSF

Analyse Evaluation of TSF and identify possible data areas/questions which would support this survey.
Go back to raw data to add to report.

Probationer teachers

Create survey questions

Survey yields data to inform and guide future ITE provision

GTCS to create survey.
Survey to be created to yield with 7 sections

  • Demographics
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • HWB
  • Data literacy
  • Equality
  • Comments

Survey to be trailed prior to dissemination to ensure the data gives an accurate and informed view of probationer confidence and effectiveness of delivering in these areas.

Disseminate survey to probationer teachers

Survey is disseminated and any bounces are resolved to maximum opportunity for participation

  • Prior to dissemination, we need the most up to date and accurate email addresses for probationer teachers (session 15/16)
  • Manage the email system for bounces (hard/soft)
  • Time frame for return of survey to be established to be sufficiently flexible to allow completion (3 weeks)
  • Ensure a reminder email is distributed at an appropriate time (after 2 weeks)
  • Deadline submission date – inform LA representatives of any delays (1-week extension)

Collate and analyse data

All data is considered and used to inform the report.

Create a spread sheet to analyse Survey Monkey output Analysis verbatim transcripts and create a narrative around the key areas of the discussion dictated by the needs of the deliverable.

Merge data from the questionnaire and focus groups to ascertain main finding.

Probation managers

Create for the focus groups

  • Consent form
  • Demographic tool
  • Questions that relate to the probationer survey questions

Additional group convened from Probationer managers coaching cohort – 8-12

The following are prepared and ready for use by 6 th November for focus groups to take place.

  • Consent form
  • Demographic tool
  • Questions for focus groups

Focus group questions will be based on questions from probationer survey (created with support from Strathclyde University)

Verbatim transcripts to be produced

Probationer supporters

Create for the focus groups

  • Consent form
  • Demographic tool
  • Questions that relate to the probationer survey questions

Professional association Learning Reps convene focus groups

Discuss approaching Professional Associations.
Contact professional associations seeking support
Arrange a meeting with professional associations

Meeting to be convened

Verbatim transcripts to be produced


Report is completed and signed off by June 2017

Report to be produce by June 17


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