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Future fisheries management: policy intent paper

Our response to the future fisheries management discussion paper and the stakeholder responses which were received as part of that discussion.

Future fisheries management: policy intent paper
4. Quota and fleet management

4. Quota and fleet management

Quota management tools and responsibility

On quota management there was strong support from stakeholders for using Total Allowable Catches (TACs) as the primary tool for stock management in the future, and some positive responses in relation to establishing quotas for non-TAC species such as scallops and brown crab. We will now develop and make proposals that TACs be initiated for some non-quota species and on what basis they should be created and allocated.

On improving quota management in the future, we are in the process of trialling arrangements to allow bodies other than recognised Producer Organisations to have quota management responsibility. This is being tested through the establishment of Quota Management Groups which have to demonstrate how they satisfy Scottish Government objectives in order to be granted sectoral quota management rights and responsibility. Going forward, we will use lessons from this trial to inform future quota management arrangements. We will explore options for the future of Producer Organisations, including further delegation of quota management responsibility to the industry (and the best mechanism for doing this).

Non-sector vessels

We will also explore alternative options for quota management arrangements for non-sector vessels (vessels operating outside of Producer Organisations) whose allocation is managed by the Scottish Government and ways to ensure that quota remains in the control of the active fishing industry.

Quota Holding and utilisation

We intend to look closely at quota holdings during 2021 and gain a greater understanding of how quota is utilised whilst ensuring that individual vessels hold enough quota to be able to operate in mixed fisheries. We will conclude our considerations prior to any allocation of additional quota in 2021.