Recovery and rehabilitation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: framework for supporting people

This paper provides a strategic framework with overarching principles and high-level recommendations, which inform and shape the provision of rehabilitation and recovery services across Scotland for the coronavirus (COVID-19) period and post coronavirus (COVID-19).

8. Vision

Everyone with rehabilitation needs associated with COVID-19 will be able to access the care and support they need to live well, on their own terms.

This Rehabilitation Framework is aligned to Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design: the framework for NHS Scotland[3] (Figure 2), which sets out how NHS Boards and Integration Authorities will safely and incrementally prioritise the resumption of some paused services, while maintaining coronavirus (COVID-19) capacity and resilience.

Figure 2: Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design: The Framework for NHS Scotland Objectives for Safe and Effective Mobilisation

Row 1 from left to right

Meet immediate individual needs Changing Priorities Renew to a better health and care system

Row 2 from left to right

Covid Treatment Infrastructure Non-Covid Urgent Care Elective Care Pandemic Response Staff and Carer Wellbeing Innovation and Integration Ensure Equity Better Outcomes

Row 3 from left to right

We will retain and build resilience We will minimise excess mortality and morbidity from non-covid disease We will re-establish services, prioritised to clinical need reflecting population demand We will focus on approaches that create better population health and wellbeing We will support people to recover, including their mental health and wellbeing We will embed innovations and digital approaches We will ensure the health and social care support system is focussed on reducing health inequalities We will engage with the people of Scotland to agree the basis of our future H&SC system

This approach supports Scotland’s National Performance Framework[4] and its clear vision for Scotland with broad measures of national wellbeing covering a range of economic, health, social and environmental indicators and targets.



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