Recovery and rehabilitation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: framework for supporting people

This paper provides a strategic framework with overarching principles and high-level recommendations, which inform and shape the provision of rehabilitation and recovery services across Scotland for the coronavirus (COVID-19) period and post coronavirus (COVID-19).

11. Key First Steps

This Framework has been developed to enable organisations to support their planning for recovery and rehabilitation services following the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that there is excellent practice already in place and it is essential to share and build on this across the whole system.

A National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation, which will also address the public health aspect of early intervention for prevention will be formed to provide expert advice to the Scottish Government and support leadership in NHS Boards and Integration Authorities.

The Scottish Government has appointed a Professional Advisor for Allied Health Professions who will take a leadership and advisory role and will oversee the deployment of the plan across Scotland, feeding back to Ministers and policy colleagues on its implementation.

It is anticipated that this work will closely align to existing rehabilitation pathways and strategies and a Once for Scotland Approach will be developed and provide a practical, accessible strategy to deliver quality rehabilitation to everyone who needs it.



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