Food and drink in schools: nutrition requirements review

Independent review by the Technical Working Group of nutrition requirements regulations.

6. Recommendations Related to School Food Standards

In relation to the proposed standards, the TWG have made the following recommendations to ensure the successful implementation of the new standards.

6.1 Nutritional Analysis Software

Software packages will be required to be updated to meet new specifications required by new standards.

6.2 Support for Implementation

Support will be required to ensure that all staff involved in the delivery of school food fully understand the new standards and their implementation.

6.3 Guidance

Comprehensive guidance will need to be developed to support the effective implementation of new standards and to strengthen advice on the whole school approach to food and drink.

6.4 Cost Implications

There may be cost implications associated with the new standards, and the TWG advise that this is fully modelled. However it is also recognised that this should be set against the overall cost of poor diet and obesity in Scotland.

6.5 Evaluation of Impact on School Food Provision

Measures to evaluate the impact of the proposed standards should be put in place from the outset.

6.6 Timescales

A period of transition before the new regulations are fully implemented will be required.

Once implemented any new standards adopted should be reviewed within 3 years.

6.7 Communications and Engagement Strategy

If the proposed standards are accepted, a well-developed communication and engagement strategy will be required.


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