Scottish Crown Estate: strategic management plan

Vision and objectives, priorities and policies for the future management of the estate to deliver wider and long-term social, economic and environmental benefits.

Annex C: Scottish Crown Estate Assets

Asset Definition
George Street The property at 39 to 41 George Street, Edinburgh
Seabed The seabed from 0-12nm in Scottish Territorial Waters
Storage Rights (Seabed) The rights out to 200nm of:

(1) unloading gas to installations and pipelines;

(2) storing gas for any purpose and recovering stored gas; and

(3) exploration with a view to use for (1) and (2)
Energy rights (Seabed) The rights, out to 200nm, of exploitation, exploration and connected purposes for the production of energy from wind or water
Mineral Rights (Seabed) The right to exploit the Seabed and its subsoil other than for hydrocarbons out to 200nm
Cables (including interconnectors) The right to install all or part of a distribution or transmission system on or under the Seabed out to 200nm
Pipelines The right to install pipelines out to 200nm
Whitehill Estate The Whitehill Estate in Midlothian
Glenlivet Estate The Glenlivet Estate in Moray
Applegirth Estate The Applegirth Estate in Dumfries & Galloway
Fochabers Estate The Fochabers Estate in Moray
Aquaculture Rights (Seabed) The right to shellfish and finfish farming operations
Mooring Rights (Seabed) The right to lay and use permanent moorings in foreshore which is deemed to form part of The Scottish Crown Estate
Foreshore (1) In Orkney and Shetland, lying between mean high water springs and lowest ebb tide; and

(2) In the rest of Scotland, lying between mean high and low water
Internal Waters
Salmon Fishing The right to fish for salmon in rivers and coastal waters where the right belongs to the Crown
Gold and Silver (onshore minerals) The right to naturally occurring gold and silver except where the right has been has been granted away in formal deeds from the Crown to another party. The Crown’s statutory ownership of the right to gold and silver mining in Scotland stems from legislation in the 15th and 16th centuries
Reserved Minerals All the reserved mineral rights owned by the Crown in Scotland other than on the Seabed
Rights beyond 12 nautical miles Rights to natural resources on the continental shelf (excluding fossil fuels) under the Continental Shelf Act 1964;

Rights to offshore renewables and the transportation and storage of natural gas and carbon dioxide on the continental shelf under the Energy Act 2008.

Source: Provided by Crown Estate Scotland



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