Publication - Progress report

Cyber resilience strategy 2015-2020: progress report

This report entitled 'Firm foundations' highlights the progress of 'Safe, Secure and Prosperous: A Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland' (2015-2020).

Cyber resilience strategy 2015-2020: progress report
Awareness Raising Across Our Communities – Cyber Scotland Week

Awareness Raising Across Our Communities – Cyber Scotland Week 

In April 2019, we launched the first ever Cyber Scotland Week. This week evolved from Cyber UK, UK Government's annual cyber security event, held in Scotland for the first time. 

Cyber Scotland Week is a week-long festival of events on cyber awareness, innovation and skills and careers. Coordinated by the Scottish Government and ScotlandIS, the week consisted of events raising awareness of good cyber resilience, showcasing the innovative work that is happening across Scotland's cyber industry as well as promoting a career in cyber security.

“The cyber security industry is an important contributor to our economic growth and Cyber Scotland Week is the perfect opportunity to showcase the innovative and exciting work that is happening across the sector.”

Deputy First Minister

Cyber Scotland Week aims:

  • Protection: improving cyber resilience knowledge, behaviours, awareness and practice (e.g. how to spot fake emails, choose better passwords etc.)
  • Innovation: Showcasing innovative work happening across the sector
  • Skills and Careers: Promoting skills development and a career in cyber security (e.g inspiring the younger generation to consider this as a career, or reskill existing staff)

Cyber Scotland Week 2020

In 2020, 3 national conferences took place for the public, private and third sectors

1. Holyrood Connect – Public Sector Cyber Security Conference
2. The Gathering – Scotland’s largest third sector conference
3. Scot Secure 2020 – Scotland’s largest private sector conference

CEED Awards – First ever cyber resilience awards for the national engineering & manufacturing community in Scotland

We delivered 8 podcasts in collaboration with Police Scotland, SCVO, Young Scot, Safer Internet Day, Neon Circle and Tech Force sharing top tips to keep safe online. These have been played over 234 times

The UK Government’s flagship cyber event, CYBERUK 2019, brought leading international cyber intelligence and security experts together and provided a platform for business leaders to learn how to protect and secure their organisations’ information, finances and reputation

Cyber awareness raising stalls across Scottish workplaces, colleges and universities

Europe's largest annual digital health hackathon. Over 300 health professionals, entrepreneurs, designers and technology specialists spent 75 hours developing new digital health products and services with a stream in cyber security

A cyber-themed event for 500 school children at the Glasgow Science Centre offering three floors of interactive exhibits, hands on workshops, including a Cryptography and DIY Gamer workshop, with opportunities to ‘meet the expert’ and learn about cyber career paths and opportunities

LEAD Scotland hosted cyber resilience workshops for people with disabilities, carers and volunteers with the aim of encouraging those who attend to pass their learning on to others

Large social media campaigns by a wide range of stakeholders across the public, private and third sectors. On Social Media #CyberScotWeek20 was used in over 1,900 conversations by key stakeholders and influencers including Police Scotland, Education Scotland and Local Authorities.