Women in Agriculture Taskforce: final report

The final report of the Women in Agriculture Taskforce.

Foreword by Joyce Campbell, Co-Chair of the Women in Agriculture Taskforce

It’s been a privilege to co-chair the Women in Agriculture Taskforce and I’m really proud of our Final Report, which seeks to bring about fundamental change in Scottish agriculture.

I know this report is going to be challenging reading for some people, but every industry needs some challenge to move it forward. Especially an industry like ours that values tradition so highly, but also urgently needs to look to the future. There are exciting times ahead for those who wish to become involved in shaping a refreshed, revitalised and inclusive Scottish agricultural industry.

Throughout this process, some people have persistently questioned the need for a Women in Agriculture Taskforce. It is obvious that there are many determined women in Scottish agriculture already running their own farm, croft or smallholding, and doing an excellent job. But there are far more women who have been excluded by outdated attitudes and behaviours, or been prevented from taking over a family farm or croft because of their gender. The recommendations in this report will shine a light into some very dark corners of Scottish agriculture. I hope that leaders in our industry will take heed of these issues and take effective action. If they choose to ignore our recommendations, ultimately they’ll be left behind, because the future of agriculture is diversity.

Positive change will transform Scottish agriculture. It will make our rural communities better places to live and our rural economy more resilient.

I want to state clearly that these recommendations are not about giving women in agriculture special treatment or an advantage over men. It is about levelling the field. Women are entitled to have the same access to opportunities and training in agriculture as men currently have. A working life in agriculture is already a demanding one, without the additional barriers of sexism and prejudice that can make it an uphill struggle for women to succeed or be taken seriously in the industry.

I urge everyone within Scottish agriculture to recognise that by supporting women to realise their full potential, we will create a fairer and more successful industry.

Joyce Campbell
Co-Chair of the Women in Agriculture Taskforce


Email: womeninagriculture@gov.scot

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