Feasibility Report of a Deep Geothermal Single Well, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Report of study which examined the technical, logistical, contractual and economic feasibility of installing a deep geothermal single well system at the new site of the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Review of AECC Site

Existing Site

The site, currently known as the Rowett, Aberdeen, is located at National Grid Reference NJ 884 105. The area is of an irregular shape with approximate maximum dimensions of 1.1km (east-west) and 0.9km (north-south) as shown in Figure 6. The area of the site is approximately 60 hectares.

Proposed Development

The Proposed AECC Development will include the construction of the new Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre (AECC) that incorporates a new arena and conference centre structure (Fig 7). In addition, the development includes a subterranean car park, associated roads and over ground car parks and areas of soft landscaping.

The development will incorporate a range of renewable energy technologies including hydrogen cell and anaerobic digestion and it is considered that deep geothermal heat could provide a significant contribution to the to the mix of energies being demonstrated at the site and also provide heat to nearby dwellings that will be most affected by the development. It is also expected that a number of additional buildings including offices and hotels will be developed at later stages of the project. The site is located just to the South of Aberdeen Airport.

Figure 6: Location of the new AECC site (Within Red Boundary)

Figure 6 Location of the new AECC site (Within Red Boundary)

Figure 7: Proposed design for the AECC Centre

Figure 7 Proposed design for the AECC Centre


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