Feasibility Report of a Deep Geothermal Single Well, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Report of study which examined the technical, logistical, contractual and economic feasibility of installing a deep geothermal single well system at the new site of the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Purpose and Scope of The Study

The scope of this study is to provide a techno-economic assessment for the installation of a Deep Geothermal Single Well (DGSW) at the new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. The installation of the DGSW will provide deep geothermal heat from a 2km well drilled into either hot dry rock or hot wet rock (depending on the geology encountered when the well is drilled to target depth). The study encompasses a geological and geochemical assessment of the site in conjunction with Arup and St. Andrews University and evaluates the economics, permitting, logistics and contractual issues related to the proposed installation. Like all deep geothermal projects in Scotland, the geology will not be known at depth until the well is actually drilled. The primary aim of this report is to provide the detail to support the economic case for funding the next stage of the project: permitting, drilling the well and installing the system.


Email: Johann MacDougall

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