Feasibility Report of a Deep Geothermal Single Well, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Report of study which examined the technical, logistical, contractual and economic feasibility of installing a deep geothermal single well system at the new site of the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.


Professor Iain Stewart

Professor of Geoscience Communication

Plymouth University

Professor Iain Stewart - Professor of Geoscience Communication at Plymouth University

Scotland's push for clean, renewable energy means that it is exploring innovative ways to supply heat and power to communities. The exploitation of geothermal energy is one exciting frontier in how our mixed energy future might look. This study proposes a highly innovative approach to utilising our underground geothermal resource by advocating the drilling of a deep geothermal single well for the provision of decarbonised heat supply to the Anaerobic Digestion Plant and also to local dwellings at the proposed Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

It is considered that this unique 'two-for-one' demonstrator opportunity at the Aberdeen conference centre will be the perfect opportunity to showcase deep geothermal to the local oil and gas industry (highlighting crossover and supply chain opportunities) and also to educate the public, school children and University researchers on the potential for deep subsurface projects. In that context, it is considered to be the best site in Scotland for the development of a 'deep geothermal exhibition' aimed at improving the public's 'visibility' of the subsurface. Equally, if we are to make deep geothermal happen in Scotland, and across the UK, we need to attract potential investors, and I consider that the low-risk, low-cost DGSW provides that commercial investment platform and opportunity. In summary, this is a great chance to move decarbonised heat supply from the Earth from academic speculation to commercial reality.


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