Farm Business Survey 2018-2019: profitability of Scottish farming

An analysis of Scottish Farm Business Survey 2018 to 2019 data, focussing on profit from farming in the supported sectors of agriculture, profit from alternative sources, support payments, and long term profitability of Scottish farm businesses.

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1. Scottish Government, 2020, "Scottish farm business income: annual estimates 2018-19"

2. Profit less than or greater than zero

3. Total Income from Farming, Scottish Government

4. Including common grazings. Figure based on the Scottish Agricultural Census: June 2019

and UK Standard Area Measurements (SAM)

5. Analysis of Total Income from Farming Estimates for Scotland

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12. QMS Cattle & Sheep Assurance Scheme

13. Farms with a Standard Labour Requirement (SLR) of more than 0.5. Standard Labour Requirements represent the approximate average labour requirement for a livestock or crop enterprise. The annual hours of a full-time worker is 1,900 hours.

14. Analysis of 2017 June Census holdings with FBS threshold of €25,000 of standard output and greater than 0.5 standard labour requirement.

15. The calculation of profit used in this report is consistent with the calculation of Farm Business Income.

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