Farm Business Survey 2018-2019: profitability of Scottish farming

An analysis of Scottish Farm Business Survey 2018 to 2019 data, focussing on profit from farming in the supported sectors of agriculture, profit from alternative sources, support payments, and long term profitability of Scottish farm businesses.

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4. Data sources and more information

Data Source

Estimates of profitability of farm business income are from the Scottish Farm Business Survey. This is an annual survey of around 500 farms which covers the supported sectors and only includes farms with economic activity of at least €25,000 (equivalent to around £23,000 in September 2019). Part-time farms are not included.

The Scottish Farm Business Income (FBI) publication provides official farm business level estimates of average incomes for each accounting year. The most recent figures from the FBS were published in March 2020 in the Farm Business Income: Annual Estimates 2018-19. These estimates for the accounting year 2018‑19 relates to the 2018 crop year.

More information about the farm business survey methodology is available in the latest Farm Business Survey methodology note.


Similar surveys take place in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Full results for the United Kingdom are available online.

Data and Methodology

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