Fishers - strategies and choices: feasibility study

This social research publication explores what influences the decision making of Scottish fishers. It presents findings from twelve interviews with fishers. The main findings are focused on the social, economic, governance, and environmental drivers in fishers’ decision making.

Annex 7: Research papers that informed this study

Project Title Geographic location Vessel size Gear type Type of study
Adaptation strategies of small-scale fisheries within changing market and regulatory conditions in the EU England Under 10 m All Literature review and focus groups
Italy All All Literature review
Balancing ecology, economy and culture in fisheries policy: Participatory research in the Western Mediterranean demersal fisheries management plan Western Mediterranean All Demersal trawl Questionnaire and multi-stakeholder workshop
Being able is not necessarily being willing: governance implications of social, policy, and science-related factors influencing uptake of selective gear Netherlands All Mainly demersal trawls Interviews and an online survey
Exploring concepts of fisheries ‘dependency’ and ‘community’ in Scotland Scotland All All Interviews and participant observation
Fishing against the odds: fishers’ motivations to carry on fishing in the wake of the hindering EU Common Fishery Policy—a case study in North Shields, UK England All All Interviews and field observations
Fishing for Space: Fine-Scale Multi-Sector Maritime Activities Influence Fisher Location Choice English Channel All Scallop dredger Data modelling
Governing the Governance: Small-Scale Fisheries in Europe with Focus on the Baltic Sea Baltic Sea All All Desk-based studies
How Is Fisheries Management Perceived by Croatian Small-Scale Fishers: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Croatia Under 12 m Passive fishing gears National survey
Identifying choke species challenges for an individual demersal trawler in the North Sea, lessons from conversations and data analysis North Sea Over 24 m Demersal trawl Meetings and interviews
Integrating individual trip planning in energy efficiency – Building decision tree models for Danish fisheries Denmark Over 15 m All National survey
Progress in designing and delivering effective fishing industry–science data collection in the UK UK All All Literature review and online survey
Remote electronic monitoring and the landing obligation – some insights into fishers’ and fishery inspectors’ opinions Denmark All Mainly trawl Questionnaire and fisher interviews
Scepticism and perceived self-efficacy influence fishers’ low risk perceptions of climate change England Under 10 m Bottom trawls, static nets or pots Fisher interviews
Over 10 m Beam trawl or scallop gear Fisher interviews
Short-term choice behaviour in a mixed fishery: investigating métier selection in the Danish gillnet fishery Denmark All Gill net Survey questionnaire
Social networks and fishers’ behavior: exploring the links between information flow and fishing success in the Northumberland lobster fishery England Under 12 m Potting Fisher interviews
Socio-economic and institutional incentives influencing fishers' behaviour in relation to fishing practices and discard Denmark 10–18 m Nephrops trawl Fisher interviews
Greece over 16 m Otter trawl Fisher interviews
England Mainly under 10 m Trawl Fisher interviews
Socio-economic, technological and environmental drivers of spatio-temporal changes in fishing pressure England Under 12 m Potting Desk-based studies and fisher interviews
Technical and tactical measures to reduce unwanted catches in mixed fisheries: Do the opinions of Irish fishers align with management advice? Ireland All Demersal gear Fisher interviews
Territoriality as a Driver of Fishers' Spatial Behavior in the Northumberland Lobster Fishery England Under 12 m Potting Fisher interviews



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