Fishers - strategies and choices: feasibility study

This social research publication explores what influences the decision making of Scottish fishers. It presents findings from twelve interviews with fishers. The main findings are focused on the social, economic, governance, and environmental drivers in fishers’ decision making.

Annex 3: Interview Guide

Question Answer
Q1 Please confirm that you have received and read the Privacy notice and give consent to be interviewed (and recorded) Yes
Q2 Do you work in the fish or shellfish catching sector and how long have you been in the industry Yes
Q3 Where to you consider to be your home port?
Q4 What gears do you use (primarily): Static:
Hook and Line
Beam Trawl
Otter Trawl
Nephrop Trawl
Pelagic Trawl
Twin Trawl
Other? Please detail:
Q5 What size of vessel do you operate? Under 10m
10 – 15m
Over 24m
Q6 Please list the five main species that make up your catch (by weight) and then by value (GBP). Please rank in order of most significant (1 = largest component; 5 = smallest component) Weight Value
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.
Q7 When you go out to fish do you go out for: Day trips
2/3 days
4 days or longer
Q8 Please take me through your day and the sorts of decisions you make? How are practical considerations (e.g., crew availability, best use of time and resources) impacting on your job and the decisions you make? Open question
Q9 Please take me through your next three months and the sorts of decisions you will make? Open question
Q10 Please take me through a ‘normal’ year for you, and the kinds of decisions you make? How are wider circumstances (i.e., marine policies and regulations, political changes, climate change) impacting on your job and the decisions you make? Open question
Q11 Overall, which of those decisions is the most critical, and why? Open question
Q12 What is important for you when making longer term decisions on fishing? (Whether to fish, where, when, and how to fish next year) Open question
Q13 Have you changed fisheries in the last 5 years? Yes
Q14 Which fishery have you changed from and to? Open question
Q15 What were the factors which drove this change? Open question
Q16 Have you changed your vessel in the last five years and what change did you make (e.g. decarbonisation, engine size)? Open question
Q17 How are your personal circumstances impacting on your job, or affecting the decisions you make in your work? (e.g., family considerations, your values, mental health, any other personal reasons)? Open question
Q18 Which of the following policies are you aware of? In what ways do they influence on your work? Blue Economy Vision Remote Electronic Monitoring Marine Protected Areas Scotland’s Fisheries Management Statement The Future Catching Policy Just Transition to Net Zero The Bute House Agreement Open question
Q19 Have you seriously considered leaving the fishing industry? Yes
Q20 What made you consider leaving, and what made you stay? Consider such factors as: Personal and family life Social factors (e.g. heritage, community, self-identity) Economic factors (e.g. profit or debt) Legislation and governance Environmental factors (e.g. weather, seasonality, climate change) Open question
Q21 Would you like to add anything else? Open question



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