Fishers - strategies and choices: feasibility study

This social research publication explores what influences the decision making of Scottish fishers. It presents findings from twelve interviews with fishers. The main findings are focused on the social, economic, governance, and environmental drivers in fishers’ decision making.

Annex 2: Literature Review Collation Log

Report Name Link Included/ Excluded Reason
Estimation Comparison of Small-Scale Fisherman Decision on Choice Fishing Gear and Outboard Engine Power Excluded Not in planned geography (Indonesia based)
The perceptions of Scottish inshore fishers about marine protected areas Excluded Not on drivers
Perceptions of fishers and developers on the co-location of offshore wind farms and decapod fisheries in the UK Excluded Not on drivers
Marine renewable energy and Scottish west coast fishers: Exploring impacts, opportunities and potential mitigation Excluded Not on drivers
Scepticism and perceived self-efficacy influence fishers’ low risk perceptions of climate change Included Talks about future risks of fishers
The rise of the scientific fisherman: Mobilising knowledge and negotiating user rights in the Devon inshore brown crab fishery, UK Excluded Not on drivers
Attitudes of Scottish fishers towards marine renewable energy Excluded Not on drivers
Scotland as a case study for how benefits of marine ecosystem services may contribute to the commercial fishing industry Excluded Not on drivers
Predicting fisher response to competition for space and resources in a mixed demersal fishery Excluded Modelling not drivers
The voices that matter: A narrative approach to understanding Scottish Fishers’ perspectives of Brexit Excluded Not on drivers
Thirty years of fleet dynamics modelling using discrete-choice models: What have we learned? Excluded Not on drivers
Progress in designing and delivering effective fishing industry–science data collection in the UK Included On drivers
Identifying choke species challenges for an individual demersal trawler in the North Sea, lessons from conversations and data analysis Included Analyses fishing behaviour
Balancing ecology, economy and culture in fisheries policy: Participatory research in the Western Mediterranean demersal fisheries management plan Included Talks of drivers
Marine protected area improves yield without disadvantaging fishers Excluded Not on drivers
Vessel monitoring systems (VMS) reveal an increase in fishing efficiency following regulatory changes in a demersal longline fishery Excluded To do with VMS not drivers
Short-term choice behaviour in a mixed fishery: investigating métier selection in the Danish gillnet fishery Included Talks about decision variables
Integrating individual trip planning in energy efficiency – Building decision tree models for Danish fisheries Included Talks about their fishing practices
Socio-economic, technological and environmental drivers of spatio-temporal changes in fishing pressure Included Talks of drivers for location
Remote electronic monitoring and the landing obligation – some insights into fishers’ and fishery inspectors’ opinions Included Talks of fishers’ experiences
Fishers sharing real-time information about “bad” fishing locations. A tool for quota optimisation under a regime of landing obligations Excluded Modelling and proposing a new strategy, not drivers
Fishing for Space: Fine-Scale Multi-Sector Maritime Activities Influence Fisher Location Choice Included Talks of drivers for location
Social networks and fishers’ behavior: exploring the links between information flow and fishing success in the Northumberland lobster fishery Included Talks of fishers’ behaviour
Ready for co-management? Portuguese artisanal octopus fishers’ preferences for management and knowledge about the resource Excluded Doesn't talk of drivers
An evaluation of the Fishing For Litter (FFL) scheme in the UK in terms of attitudes, behavior, barriers and opportunities Excluded Not on drivers
How Is Fisheries Management Perceived by Croatian Small-Scale Fishers: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Included On drivers
Technical and tactical measures to reduce unwanted catches in mixed fisheries: Do the opinions of Irish fishers align with management advice? Included Talks of opinions and drivers
Small-Scale Fisheries in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities Excluded Focused on national context
How Resilient Are Europe’s Inshore Fishing Communities to Change? Differences Between the North and the South Excluded Not on drivers
Fishers’ perceptions of the European Union discards ban: perspective from south European fisheries Excluded Opinions on the ban, not drivers
A comparative review of fisheries management experiences in the European Union and in other countries worldwide: Iceland, Australia, and New Zealand Excluded Not on drivers
Preferences for derelict gear mitigation strategies by commercial fishers Excluded Not on drivers
The role of technical protocols and partnership engagement in developing a decision support framework for fisheries management Excluded Not on drivers
The EU landing obligation and European small-scale fisheries: What are the odds for success? Excluded Not on drivers
Integrating collaborative research in marine science: Recommendations from an evaluation of evolving science-industry partnerships in Dutch demersal fisheries Excluded Not on drivers
Implementing the Landing Obligation. An Analysis of the Gap Between Fishers and Policy Makers in the Netherlands Excluded Not on drivers
A Review of the European Union Landing Obligation Focusing on Its Implications for Fisheries and the Environment Excluded Not on drivers
Fishers’ opinions on marketization of property rights and the quota system in France Excluded Not on drivers
Institutions and governance in the European Common Fisheries Policy: An empirical study of Spanish fishers' attitudes toward greater participation Excluded Not on drivers
An evaluation of socioeconomic factors that influence fishers’ discard behaviour in the Greek bottom trawl fishery Excluded Not talking to fishers - patterns
Introduction: Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management Excluded Not on drivers
Fishing for Justice: England's Inshore Fisheries' Social Movements and Fixed Quota Allocation Excluded Not on drivers
Governing the Governance: Small-Scale Fisheries in Europe with Focus on the Baltic Sea Included On drivers
Fishing against the odds: fishers’ motivations to carry on fishing in the wake of the hindering EU Common Fishery Policy—a case study in North Shields, UK Included On drivers
Adaptation strategies of small-scale fisheries within changing market and regulatory conditions in the EU Adaptation strategies of small-scale fisheries within changing market and regulatory conditions in the EU - ScienceDirect Included On drivers
Socio-economic and institutional incentives influencing fishers' behaviour in relation to fishing practices and discard Included On drivers
Exploring concepts of fisheries ‘dependency’ and ‘community’ in Scotland Exploring concepts of fisheries ‘dependency’ and ‘community’ in Scotland - ScienceDirect Included On drivers
Territoriality as a Driver of Fishers' Spatial Behavior in the Northumberland Lobster Fishery Included On drivers
Being able is not necessarily being willing: governance implications of social, policy, and science-related factors influencing uptake of selective gear Included On drivers



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