Junior doctors - 48-hour maximum working week (without averaging): expert working group report

This report was led on by Professor Philip Cachia to consider the challenges of the maximum 48 hour working week and provide recommendations for the Scottish Government to consider.

2. Membership of the Junior Doctors 48 hour Expert Working Group

Professor Philip Cachia, Chair

Professor Derek Bell, Scottish Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (Deputy Dr Michael Jones)

Dr Luke Yates, Scottish Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Mr Sean Gallimore, BMA

Dr Lewis Hughes, BMA

Dr Simon Edgar, Chair, Scottish Directors of Medical Education Group

Mr Daniel McQueen, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Public Partner

Dr Jane Burns, Management Steering Group (Deputy Dr John Keaney)

Dr Annie Ingram, Management Steering Group

Professor Clare McKenzie, NHS Education for Scotland

Ms Anne Dickson, NHS Education for Scotland

Scottish Government/NHS Education for Scotland Clinical Leadership Fellows

Dr Alex Rice

Dr Chris Sheridan

Dr Katie Ritchie (From August 2019)

Dr Michelle Currie (From August 2019)

Scottish Government Advisors

Dr John Colvin, Professional Adviser and Senior Medical Officer

Mr Daniel MacDonald, Medical Workforce Adviser


Email: ceu@gov.scot

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