Junior doctors - 48-hour maximum working week (without averaging): expert working group report

This report was led on by Professor Philip Cachia to consider the challenges of the maximum 48 hour working week and provide recommendations for the Scottish Government to consider.

Appendix 4: NES Junior Doctor rota Educational Approval Checklist, 2019

NES Rota Approval Checklist - Scotland Deanery




Number of Doctors on Rota (WTE):

Start Date for Rota:

Please tick the appropriate box for each of the following items and attach the rota template and an example of a model roster. Please also attach

  • Additional information if any answer is NO to explain what measures are being taken by the department to address concerns.
  • Recent rota monitoring report

1. Has the rota been approved by the FPT/TPD/departmental educational lead as adequate to meet curricular and training requirements (i.e. able to attend clinics, theatre, ward sessions, formal teaching, time for QI, etc)

Yes / No

2. The duration of all rotations between sites are at least 2-months (specialty trainees) or at least 1-month (foundation trainees – GMC recommendation)

Yes / No

3. Confirmation that for all trainees on the rota, the maximum percentage of out of hours working (OOH) is 45% (40% for IST) to ensure sufficient access to educational opportunities (exception Emergency Medicine)

Yes / No

4. All Scottish Government Requirements compliance

  • Post night shifts rest period is at least 46 hours following the final shift in any period of night shift working
  • No periods of 7 night shifts ina row (ideal maximum is 4 consecutive night shifts)
  • Maximum of 7 days or shifts

Yes / No

5. Has time for handover between each shift been included in the rota

Yes / No

6. Has the proposed rota design been discussed with trainees currently on the old rota, and their views were taken onboard?

Yes / No

7. Formal teaching sessions are included on the rota template/model roster for all grades involved in the rota (if not, please provide a description of timing of the formal teaching sessions as an attachment)

Yes / No

*(OOH is defined as any shifts between 19:00 and 07:00 during weekdays and any shift on Saturday and Sunday)

Name and signature of Trainee Representative


Name and signature of F/TPD/ Departmental educational lead


Name and signature of Consultant Rota Lead for Specialty/Department


Name and signature of Doctors in Training Monitoring Team Leader


Please attach

  • The rota template and an example of a model roster
  • Attachments required if the answer is NO on Rota Checklist
  • Recent rota monitoring report


Email: ceu@gov.scot

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