Exotic animal disease contingency framework plan: August 2022

Version seven of our contingency framework plan covering exotic notifiable diseases of livestock.


ADPG: Animal Disease Policy Group

APHA: Animal and Plant Health Agency

CCS: Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat

CDCC: Central Disease Control Centre

COBR: Cabinet Office Briefing Room

The Code: The Terrestrial Animal Health Code

The Commission: The European Commission

CoSLA: Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

CPHM: Consultant in Public Health Medicine

CVO: Chief Veterinary Officer

C&D: Cleansing and Disinfection

DAERA: Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Northern Ireland)

Defra: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DfT: Department for Transport (UK Government Department)

DG: Directorate General

DPU: (Scottish Government's) Disease Policy Unit

DSG: Disease Strategy Group

EFTA: European Free Trade Association

EPIC: Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks

EU: European Union

FMD: Foot and Mouth Disease

FOB: Forward Operations Base

FSS: Food Standards Scotland

GB: Great Britain

IMT: Incident Management Team (NHS)

IP: Infected Premises

LRP: Local Resilience Partnership

MACA: Military Assistance to Civilian Authority

MCT: Management Control Team

NDCC: National Disease Control Centre

NEG: National Expert Group

NEEG: National Emergency Epidemiology Group

NSC: National Security Council

OCG: Outbreak Coordination Group

OM: Operations Manager Scotland (APHA)

PAO: RPID Principal Agricultural Officer

PCF: Procurement and Contracts Function (Defra)

PHS: Public Health Scotland

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

PZ: Protection Zone

RPID: Rural Payments and Inspections Division (Scottish Government)

RP: Resilience Partnership

RRP: Regional Resilience Partnership

R&TA: Resilience and Technical Advisor

SRuC: Scotland's Rural College

SAGE: Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies

SCoPAFF: Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed

Scottish SPCA: Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SEPA: Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SGLD: Scottish Government Legal Directorate

SGoRR: Scottish Government Resilience Room

SGoR-M: Scottish Government Resilience - Ministerial

SGoR-O: Scottish Government Resilience - Officials

STAC: Scientific and Technical Advice Cell

SZ: Surveillance Zone

TCZ: Temporary Control Zone

UK: United Kingdom

UKMis: United Kingdom Mission to the European Union

VENDU: Veterinary Exotic Notifiable Disease Unit (APHA)

WG: Welsh Government

VI: Veterinary Inspector

VLS: Veterinary Lead Scotland (APHA)

VO: Veterinary Officer (APHA)

WTO: World Trade Organisation

WOAH: World Organisation for Animal Health


Email: Animal.Health@gov.scot

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