Exotic animal disease contingency framework plan: August 2022

Version seven of our contingency framework plan covering exotic notifiable diseases of livestock.

Chapter 5. Reviewing and exercising the plan

5.1. CVO Scotland is responsible for reviewing this plan and its associated Scottish Annexe on a regular basis, consulting as appropriate with operational partners and stakeholders. Amendments will be made to the plan in the light of changes in policy, organisational structures, responsibilities and scientific knowledge.

5.2. In order to maintain a state of readiness it is necessary to exercise the plan and train appropriate staff regularly. The scale, nature and frequency of exercises will depend on the organisational role, responsibilities and the levels of existing training and experience within any organisation that has a role to play in disease control. A national animal disease exercise involving all partners will be held every two to three years in the absence of an actual disease outbreak. The lessons learnt from exercises or from dealing with outbreaks of disease will inform revisions to this plan.

5.3. APHA has a performance target for local and regional exercises, which requires APHA to plan, deliver and evaluate exotic animal disease exercises in liaison with policy customers and local operational partners annually.

5.4. Any comment or questions relating to the content of this plan should be sent to:

Disease Control Branch
Animal Health and Welfare Division
Scottish Government
Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
P Spur, Saughton House
Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3XD

Email: Animal.Health@gov.scot


Email: Animal.Health@gov.scot

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