Farm salmon escape event: levels of farm/wild hybridisation

Results of a genetic survey to examine levels of farm/wild hybrid salmon in rivers local to a large-scale farm escape in in south west Scotland and north east England. This occurred in 2020 when MOWI’s Carradale North fish farm shifted position after its seabed anchors became dislodged during Storm Ellen.


The authors thank Mowi for funding this study and access to samples of the same line as the escaped fish under investigation. We thank Pamela Mollahan and Niall Gauld for help with sample tube preparation. We also extend a special thanks to Argyll Fisheries Trust, Ayrshire Rivers Trust, Clyde River Foundation, Galloway Fisheries Trust and Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust, Eden Rivers Trust and West Cumbria Rivers Trust together with the individuals within these organisations who carried out the electrofishing and sample collection from the wild. We thank The Environment Agency for providing samples from English rivers, NatureScot for providing samples from the river Bladnoch, and Fisheries Management Scotland for their inputs at all stages of the investigation and for their organisational overview throughout the project.



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