Climate change: evidence review of mitigation options in the Built Environment sector

Evidence review of potential climate change mitigation measures in the Built Environment sector.


1. Conversely, this can be presented as a policy option to mitigate the potential adverse air quality impacts of an increased uptake of biomass fuelled heating.

2. In July, 2016, the Department of Energy and Climate Change was merged with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ( BIS), creating a new department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ( BEIS).

3. The Scottish House Condition Survey (2002) found that households where the female has the highest income are at greater risk of being fuel poor, and women in particular are at greater risk of experiencing fuel poverty and living in unsuitable housing conditions (Scottish Government, 2012). The majority of women over the age of 75 also live alone which, combined with women being the main dependents on Scottish State Pensions and Pension Credits, increases risk of fuel poverty and living in suboptimal housing arrangements

4. With embedded carbon being defined as the carbon cost (in CO 2 or CO 2e) of construction or manufacturing. It refers to the total primary energy consumed (carbon dioxide released) from direct and process associated with the lifecycles of products and services.

5. eftec, 2011. Scoping Study on Valuing Ecosystem Services of Forests Across Great Britain. Report for the Forestry Commission, October 2011.


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