Scottish Rural Network: evaluation

Evaluation of the Scottish Rural Network which reports on the network’s work against its responsibilities and considers the scope for development and improvement.



2. The SRDP is comprised of a range of schemes, including: Less Favoured Area Support Scheme, Forestry Grant Scheme, Agri-Environment and Climate Scheme, LEADER, the Farm Advisory Service, the Beef Efficiency Scheme, the New Entrants and Young Farmers Start-Up Grants and the Food Processing, Manufacturing and Co-operation grant, amongst others. Further information is provided here.

3. The legislative provisions can be found here.

4. LEADER is a scheme for community led local development, available in EU countries and funded through the RDP, that supports communities with funding to undertake locally relevant projects.


6. Insert list of RDP components.

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9. Data provided by RESAS.

10. All information on funding obtained from, this figure comes from the profile for the Scottish National Rural Network.

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15. LAGS are Local Action Groups, while FLAGS are Fisheries Local Action Groups. These are the groups that are set up to deliver LEADER projects in their local areas.

16. The case studies can be viewed here: For specific links to videos, see, for example, 'Living Seas Project' here, 'Ullapool Jetty', which is here and, 'The Workshop: Aberfeldy', which is here.

17. Last accessed 16/06/2020

18. 'Community Led Local Development'

19. There are a large number of additional SRDP schemes, including the Food, Manufacturing and Co-operation Grant, the Farm Advisory Service, the Forestry Grant Scheme, the New Entrants and Young Farmers Start Up Grants, the Agri-Environment and Climate Scheme, amongst others. For a full list and further detail, please see here.



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