Renewable and zero emissions heating systems in affordable housing projects: evaluation

An evaluation of renewable and zero emissions heating systems in 21 Scottish affordable housing projects. This study assesses the estimated, actual, and counterfactual costs of the projects’ heating systems and determines the drivers behind decision making.

List of acronyms and abbreviations

ASHP: Air Source Heat Pump

Capex: Capital expenditure

DHN: District Heating Network

GSHP: Ground Source Heat Pump

kWh: kilowatt-hour

LZCGT: Low and Zero Carbon Generating Technology

LPG: Liquid Petroleum Gas

M&E: Mechanical and Electrical

RSL: Registered Social Landlord

SAP: Standard Assessment Procedure

Opex: Operational expenditure

O&M: Operation and maintenance

PV: Photovoltaic

VAT: Value Added Tax



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