Renewable and zero direct emissions heating systems in affordable housing projects (phase 2): evaluation

An evaluation of the selection, installation and performance of zero direct emissions heating (ZDEH) systems installed in new affordable homes in Scotland.

Document Information

Final Report

This report was produced by Locogen Ltd on behalf of the Scottish Government, July 2022

Document title: 7495-TA-REP-0003-Affordable Housing Evaluation Phase 2-Final Report
Date of issue: 29/04/2022
Status: Draft in preparation; Draft Complete; Checked in revision; Checked complete; Approved
Prepared by: Charlotte Mitchell 28/04/2022
Checked by: Philippa Hardy 28/04/2022
Approved by: Philippa Hardy 29/04/2022
Version Date Purpose of amendment
01 29/04/2022 Initial Draft
02 06/05/2022 Adjustments after initial feedback
03 01/06/2022 Adjustments after comprehensive feedback
04 07/07/2022 Final content adjustments
05 12/07/2022 Final formatting adjustments



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