Evaluation of the Regional Land Use Framework Pilots

This report presents results from the evaluation of two local authority led Regional Land Use Framework pilot projects.

Appendix 5: Workshop Questions, March 2015 Workshops

The topic areas and sub-questions posed in the workshops were chosen with the aim of generating insight to help address a series of evaluation research questions (these are described in an Evaluation Plan that was agreed by CAG and the Scottish Government). Some of the featured sub-questions were included with a view to exploring issues that emerged during the first and second rounds of the evaluation. The three topic areas and sub-questions for the workshop are shown below:

A) Stakeholder engagement

Common questions

  • Has the pilot provided an effective opportunity for stakeholders to engage on the subject of sustainable land use and land management within the pilot areas? What have been the key lessons learnt?
  • Has the process led to the establishment of new working relationships, or new partnerships and/or deepened existing relationships?
  • Do you think any local land use interests were insufficiently engaged and if so why?

Questions for stakeholders only

  • How effective do you think that the lines of communication between the pilot and external stakeholders have been? Do you have suggestions as to how they might be improved?
  • Do you feel that the pilots have effectively utilised existing local/regional knowledge?

Questions for project management teams only

  • What lessons have the project management team learnt in relation to stakeholder engagement? (Prompt: e.g. most effective/efficient form of approach).
  • Did you find any groups challenging to engage with and if so why and were you able to overcome these challenges?

B) Benefits to date and potential for impact?

  • Does the framework effectively express regional/local policy and to what extent does it complement or duplicate other local plans and processes?
  • Is there scope for integrating the framework into local planning and decision making processes? If yes what would help or hinder this process? If no why not?
  • Do you think that the pilot has effectively considered all of the relevant major land use issues in your area? If not which do you think have not been considered and is there a particular reason why not
  • Can you identify any benefits that have resulted from the pilot to date?
  • What future benefits and impacts do you think the framework might deliver in your area? What will help or hinder their delivery?

C) Overarching views on the project

What are your overall views on the pilot?

  • Was the process by which regional frameworks were developed in the pilot areas appropriate and effective?
  • To what extent do you think that the framework provides a meaningful, practical tool that can be used to help guide and shape future local land use decisions? What do you think are its principal strengths and weaknesses?
  • What key lessons (other than any previously identified) have you learnt and what would you do differently if starting afresh?
  • Overall do you feel that there is a role for a regional land use mechanism for guiding land use strategies to meet the aims and objectives of the land use strategy?
  • Are there any other views you would like to offer in relation to the land use pilots? For example key lessons learnt.

How to access background or source data

The data collected for this social research publication:

☒ may be made available on request, subject to consideration of legal and ethical factors. Please contact landusestrategy@gov.scot for further information.


Email: Linda Gateley

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