Evaluation of the Regional Land Use Framework Pilots

This report presents results from the evaluation of two local authority led Regional Land Use Framework pilot projects.

Appendix 3: Stakeholder Telephone Survey March 2014

Introductory Script

Introduce CAG Consultants.

Explain contracted by Scottish Government to evaluate the regional land use pilots and help record and learn lessons. Purpose of this telephone survey is to:

  • understand your expectations and views on the process.
  • assess what you think the opportunities are, to what degree you feel the pilots offer potential for impact and to get your feedback on barriers and concerns.
  • record any views you might have on any lessons learnt so far from Pilot establishment.

Length of survey will be 20 minutes

Our standard approach will be to report your feedback anonymously. However, if we feel it may be useful to attribute a particular quote (for example) we will ask your permission. We will also report feedback according to broad categories of stakeholder (e.g NGO, private sector, government, public agency).


Background on Stakeholder Engagement

1. To what extent has your organisation been involved in Land Management/Land Use Partnerships in Aberdeenshire/the Borders before?

  • Not at all
  • Occasional
  • Regularly
  • Your core role

2. How do you think the Pilot will influence your level of involvement (in regional land use matters)

  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Stay same


Your Experience of the Pilots So Far.

3. How has the Pilot influenced your engagement with the ational Land Use Strategy?

  • Considerable increase
  • Slight increase
  • No change
  • Don't know


1. How clear are you about the aims and objectives of the Pilot after the initial meetings?

  • Very clear
  • Clear
  • Unclear
  • Very unclear


5. Communication is timely, regular and appropriate?

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree


6. In terms of the Pilot process and approach to date what have been the strengths?


7. Are there any areas you would like to see developed or improved as the Pilot develops?


8. How do you view the Pilot process to date

  • Very effective
  • Effective
  • Neutral/undecided
  • Ineffective
  • Very ineffective


Your Expectations of the Pilot

9. How confident are you that the Pilots have potential for beneficial outcomes/impacts

  • Very confident
  • Confident
  • Neutral/undecided
  • Not so confident
  • Not at all confident


10. Can you describe what you think would be a successful outcome,

(a) for Aberdeenshire/Borders?

(b) for your local area?

(c) your organisation?

11. What do you think the opportunity/ies are that the Pilot could address?

Do you have a view on how these can be achieved?

12. What do you think will be the key challenges (risks, barriers) for the Pilot?

Do you have a view on how these can be reduced?

13. Although it is very early in Pilot development, is it possible to identify any added value that the pilot has already been able to bring


Costs and benefits

14. Are you able to estimate your time commitment to the project between first hearing about the Pilot and the current time?

Thank you for your time


Email: Linda Gateley

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