Evaluation of the Regional Land Use Framework Pilots

This report presents results from the evaluation of two local authority led Regional Land Use Framework pilot projects.

Appendix 1: Pilot Governance Structures

1. Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders Land Use Strategy pilot - Governance

Key Stakeholder Group (formerly called Technical group) members

1. National Farmers Union Scotland - Ian MacDonald (Jonathan Hall)
2. Tweed Forum - Luke Comins
3. Tweed Forum - Derek Robeson
4. Scottish Borders Council - Andy Tharme (Andy Millar)
5. Scottish Land and Estates -Teresa Dougal (Andrew Midgley)
6. Tweed Forum - Bob Kay
7. Forestry Commission Scotland - Ian Laidlaw (John Dougan)
8. Southern Upland Partnership - Pip Tabor
9. Royal Society for the protection of Birds - Mike Fraser (Vicky Swales)
10. Scottish Natural Heritage - Chris Miles (Andrew Panter)
11. Buccleuch Estate - Andrew Brough
12. Dundee University -Chris Spray
13. Scottish Environmental Protection Agency - Angela Foss
14. SRUC-Scotland Rural College - Moira Gallagher
15. Environment Systems - Katie Medcalf
16. Borders Forest Trust - Jane Rosegrant
17. Tweed Forum - Alex Baillie
18. The Tweed Foundation - Ronald Campbell
19. Farmer - Patricia Glennie
20. Scottish Government - Sally Thomas (FIO)
21. Scottish Government - Ian Davidson (FIO)
22. Rural Payments Inspections Directorate - Quintin Donald (FIO)2. Aberdeenshire

Project Governance and Structure

Lead Organisation: Aberdeenshire Council

Project Executive: Robert Gray, Aberdeenshire Council
Project Manager: Irina Birnie, Aberdeenshire Council
Project Officer: James Davidson, Aberdeenshire Council

Supporting Officers: Linda Mathieson (Aberdeenshire Council)

Project Board at close on 31st March 2015

Robert Gray (Chair), Aberdeenshire Council
Maureen Corley, Aberdeenshire Council
Jamie Farquhar, ConFor
Lorna Paterson, National Farmers Union of Scotland
Andrew Midgley, Scottish Land and Estates
Gina Ford, Scottish Enterprise
Hamish Trench, Cairngorms National Park
Sally Thomas, Scottish Government
Vicki Swales, Scottish Environment Link
Gavin Clark, Scottish Natural Heritage
Jim Dewar, Forestry Commission Scotland

Others who served as Project Board members during project

Neil Langhorn, Scottish Government
Zoe Kemp, Scottish Government
Scott Petrie, Scottish Land and Estates

Delivery partners and GIS support: The James Hutton Institute (JHI)

Justin Irvine, JHI Project Lead
Alessandro Gimona
Andrea Baggio
David Donnelly
Kirsty Blackstock
Anja Byg
Inge Aalders
Sarah Dunn
James Sample


Email: Linda Gateley

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