Evaluation of the | Reducing Reoffending Change Fund - Research Findings

The independent evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund (RRCF) assessed the extent to which the Public Social Partnership (PSP) model delivers effective mentoring services that reduce the risk of reoffending and support reintegration, and concluded that there is a strong case for the continuation and expansion of mentoring services.

Findings on exits and attrition

The ending of the relationship could be difficult for both mentees and mentors and the extent to which mentors prepared mentees for the ending of the relationship varied. This suggests that PSPs should give more guidance and advice to mentors to help them ensure that mentees are prepared for exit.

Of those who had exited the service, 44% had planned exits and 56% had unplanned exits. Comparison with other literature suggests that the proportion of unplanned exits is not out of line with those of other mentoring services for offenders.


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