Evaluation of less favoured area support scheme

Report to help inform preparations for the transition from Less Favoured Areas (LFAs) to Areas of Natural Constraint (ANCs).

Appendix A: Information sources provided via SG as primary basis for evaluation

SG Project 1 - Land Abandonment

Aitkenhead, M. (2015) Remote sensing and land abandonment. JHI report to SG. (Word document).

SG (2016) Summary Report on Land Abandonment (Word document).

SG (2016) Land Abandonment Tables - Parish level statistics (Excel workbook).

SG (2016) Land Abandonment - change in livestock units 1992 to 2014 (pdf map).

SG (2016) Land Abandonment - SLRs by Parish, 2014 (pdf map).

SG (2016) Businesses with holdings in more than one parish (Word document).

SG (2016) Changes in all land cover types - Parish level statistics (Excel workbook).

SG (2016 ) BRN level changes (Excel workbook).

SG Project 2 & 3 - Payment distributions

SG (2016) LFASS payments distribution (Word document).

SG (2016) LFASS Scheme Data by Parish (Excel workbook).

SG (2016) Illustrative Pillar I payment distribution by Parish (Excel workbook).

SG (2016) BRN level changes (Excel workbook).

SG Project 4 - Sustainable Farming

SG (2016) Sustainable Farming Systems Working paper (Word document).

SG Project 5 - Income foregone and additional costs

Reid, G., Bell, J., Sheehan, M. & Thomson, S. (2015) Remoteness: cost impact study. SRUC AA211 report to SG. (pdf document).

SG (2016) Summary of margin information (Word document).

From Working Group stakeholders:

Haddaway, N.R., Styles, D. & Pullin, A.S. (2014) Evidence on the environmental impacts of farm land abandonment in high altitude/mountain regions: a systematic map. Environmental Evidence The official journal of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence20143:17. DOI: 10.1186/2047-2382-3-17

Perez-Barberia, J.P., Gordon, I. & Hooper, R.J. (2014) How Increasing Red Deer Density is Affecting their Selection of Habitats. Ecosystems and Biodiversity. 02/04/2104. http://www.knowledgescotland.org/briefings.php?id=371

RAA (2011) Defining the Vulnerable Areas of Scotland. A report prepared by Rural Analysis Associates, http://www.gov.scot/Resource/Doc/278281/0123051.pdf

Silcock, P., Brunyee, J. & Pring, J. (2012) Changing livestock numbers in the UK Less Favoured Areas - an analysis of likely biodiversity implications. Cumulus Consulting report prepared for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds http://www.rspb.org.uk/Images/Final_Report_tcm9-340975.pdf

Taylor, K., Wood-Gee, V., Carroll, J., Chapman, C. (2011). High Nature Value Farmland in Scotland - Farm Characteristics and Practices. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No.XXX.


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