Funeral Support Payment: evaluation - qualitative research

Qualitative research supporting the findings from the evaluation of the Funeral Support Payment.

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2. Those on the following benefits or tax credits are eligible to apply for FSP: Child Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Income Support, Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit (disability or severe disability element), Housing Benefit, Income based Jobseeker's Allowance (not contribution-based), Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (not contribution-based)

3. Figures accurate at the time of writing (March 2022)

4. Client Panels -

5. Social Security Scotland - Client Survey 2018-2021

6. SIMD stands for the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, for more information on this and how it is measured visit: Scottish index of multiple deprivation 2020 -

7. Note that eligibility for FSP is determined by the applicant or their partner being in receipt of qualifying benefits.

8. A pauper's funeral is a common reference to a public health funeral carried out by local councils for those "who have died alone, in poverty, or unclaimed by their relatives": What is a paupers funeral: public heath funerals explained -



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