European Union and the United Kingdom - fisheries consultations: written record 2023

Written record of fisheries consultations between the United Kingdom and the European Union for 2023.

TAC deductions due to discard exemptions

a) The Delegations exchanged updated information on their respective discard exemptions. The Parties will continue to apply the exemptions applicable in the other Party’s waters in respect of fishing activities carried out in those waters where there are differences in the exemptions between the Parties.

b) The Delegations noted the submission of a joint request to ICES following the SCF meeting of 20 July 2022 concerning discard survivability exemptions.

c) The Parties will continue to work cooperatively to manage discards, and if appropriate to exchange data, improve scientific knowledge and consider possible measures on discards in the SCF, including on the issue of landing obligation exemptions and TAC deductions.

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