European Union and the United Kingdom - fisheries consultations: written record 2023

Written record of fisheries consultations between the United Kingdom and the European Union for 2023.

Prohibited species

a) The Delegations agreed to exchange a list of all prohibited species in their respective waters by 31 January 2023 as applicable at that date, which should be annexed to the next Written Record of fishery consultations between the Parties or the minutes of the first SCF meeting of 2023.

b) The Delegations agreed that the lists that will be exchanged are for transparency purposes, and that vessel licences and the relevant legislation will continue to be the authoritative documents governing prohibitions.

c) The Delegations agreed that this is without prejudice to obligations under Article 496(3) of the TCA and recalled that any proposed changes to the list of prohibited species that are likely to affect the vessels of the other Party should be notified under Article 496(3).

d) The Delegations agreed that any further discussions on this matter may take place via the SCF.

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