Equally Safe - short life delivery plan: summer 2022 to autumn 2023

A refresh of the Equally Safe Delivery Plan outlining the joint commitment of the Scottish Government and COSLA to preventing and eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls and tackling the underpinning attitudes that perpetuate it.

2. Priority 2 – Women and girls thrive as equal citizens: socially, culturally, economically and politically


  • Women and girls are safe, respected and equal in our communities
  • Women and men have equal access to power and resources
Objective / Action Timescales Action Owner
6. We will continue to address barriers to greater diversity in local elected office through COSLA's Barriers to Elected Office cross-party Special Interest Group (pending re-establishment by COSLA's new administration) and action plan, including actions to encourage more women to consider standing for election as councillors. By Autumn 2023 COSLA
7. We will support the Scottish Government led implementation and monitoring group to progress implementation of the recommendations set out in the Improving Housing Outcomes for Women and Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse in the Social Rented Sector Report. This aims to prevent homelessness due to domestic abuse. By end of 2023 The Scottish Government
8. We are taking forward the Scottish Government Rented Sector Strategy Consultation on a New Deal for Tenants. This was published in December 2021 and is open until April 2022; the consultation recognises that domestic abuse is the most common reason for women to make a homelessness application, and that other forms of gender-based violence may leave victims unsafe in their homes. The consultation seeks views on:
  • Supporting victims of commercial sexual exploitation, including women subject to commercial sexual exploitation, in the rented sector;
  • Amending legislation to ensure all joint tenants can end their interest in a private residential tenancy; and
  • Enabling private landlords to initiate eviction proceedings to end a perpetrators interest in a joint tenancy and transfer the tenancy to a tenant who was subject to domestic abuse, allowing the victim/survivor to remain in the family home if they wish to.
Consultation closed in April 2022. Subject to consultation and Ministerial decisions, provisions may be included in Year 2 Housing Bill, which is expected to be introduced in Spring/Summer 2023). The Scottish Government
9. We will establish stakeholder views on the current legal minimum age of marriage, and will consider any points arising related to ongoing work on violence against women and girls. By Autumn 2023 The Scottish Government


Email: Nel.Whiting@gov.scot

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