Equally Safe - short life delivery plan: summer 2022 to autumn 2023

A refresh of the Equally Safe Delivery Plan outlining the joint commitment of the Scottish Government and COSLA to preventing and eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls and tackling the underpinning attitudes that perpetuate it.

1. Priority 1 – Scottish society embraces equality and mutual respect, and rejects all forms of violence against women and girls.


  • Positive gender roles are promoted
  • People enjoy healthy, positive relationships
  • Children and young people develop an understanding of safe, healthy and positive relationships from an early age
  • Individuals and communities recognise and challenge violent and abusive behaviour
Objective / Action Timescales Action Owner
1. As set out in the Women's Health Plan, we will encourage NHS boards to engage with the Equally Safe at Work employer accreditation programme. By end of 2022 The Scottish Government
2. With Public Health Scotland, and alongside the Improvement Service, we will work through our Collaborative Framework on Gender Equality and Gender-based Violence to establish and begin delivery of a programme of activity in line with agreed deliverables. Activities will focus on:
  • Strengthening the focus and maximising the impact of public services in addressing gender equity and furthering a public health approach to addressing violence against women and girls/gender-based violence.
  • Strengthening support for local systems to enable evidence-based decision making.
  • Supporting improvement in embedding gender equity across respective policy portfolios.
  • Engaging with the Scottish Government and local partnerships to deliver fair, equitable and sustainable funding for local systems and drive improvement in services to focus on gender equality to improve population health outcomes.
By Autumn 2023 and ongoing COSLA and Public Health Scotland
3. We will define a public health approach to tackling violence against women, working with a range of partners to refine and implement the contribution of the public health system in policy and practice. This will focus on how violence against women and gender inequality are connected to each of the public health priorities; and what actions are required to improve the outcomes for women and children in our communities. By Autumn 2023 Public Health Scotland.
4. We will continue to support work with our partners in the statutory, third sectors, and affected communities to raise awareness of so-called honour-based violence. Ongoing The Scottish Government
5. We will design, develop and implement a bespoke Police Scotland strategy to tackle all forms of violence, abuse and intimidation of women and girls. Commitment from Annual Policing Plan (Draft) 2022/23 Police Scotland


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